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Window Grille Security – Burglary 101.

Window Grilles provide an extremely secure physical barrier between the outside and inside of your property – it`s that simple. Although burglary is an awful violation of your property and privacy it is a very simple concept to understand from the thief’s point of view. Imagine that you are in a restaurant sitting with a…

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Window Grilles will protect your family.

Burglary is a despicable crime leaving the victim/s feeling both violated and unsafe in their own home. One of the very best ways to avoid this horrible crime happening to you and your family is to professionally install Window Grilles. It is an unfortunate fact of modern day life that the fear of crime is…

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Window Grilles and Home Security tips.

  The professional installation of high quality Window Grilles is an excellent way to add real protection to your home from burglars and other unwanted intruders. The windows on any property are a prime and favoured target for potential intruders for obvious reasons, if they are not properly protected even the most unskilled criminal can…

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Is money the only security concern?

There are many concerns that come with owning a home or running a business, security is obviously very high up on most sensible peoples list. Unsurprisingly money is not the main driving force behind these concerns when it comes to the home; after all if someone broke into your home while you and your family…

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Window and Security Grilles – not ugly anymore!

The thought, for some people, of Window Grilles or Security Grilles still conjures up images of ugly rusty iron frames covering windows on dilapidated buildings in run down areas of the country. With the amount of information that we can find on the internet these days the fact that this stigma even exists, even though…

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Official security advice from the Police 2.

In this document we will supply you with further professional locksmith and police recommended security advice for your property which follows on from our previous document titled “Official security advice from the Police 1.” This valuable advice includes the importance, in many circumstances, of installing professionally fitted window grilles for excellent added security and peace…

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Burglars Using Social Media Websites To Target Victims

  A recent survey suggests that the majority of burglars are using social media websites to help them target their victims. Over 75% of convicted burglars questioned said sites like Google street view play a massive part in them planning their entrance and escape routes, while Facebook and Twitter – where users ‘check in’ to…

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Householders urged to plan home security into holiday arrangements

Holiday season is kicking in again and people throughout the country are leaving the English summer rain and their homes behind as they seek a sun filled holiday. Holiday season is notorious for an increase in burglaries as have-a-go lucky burglars look to cash in on homeowners who leave there homes unoccupied whilst away. Because…

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Garden time

So the weather has finally changed and we are all enjoying some well deserved sunshine and some relaxing time in our gardens. This is a good time to remember that our front and rear gardens are a good access point to burglars. It is important to know that burglars are usually opportunists and often lazy…

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Window Security Bar Grille

We just fitted this 20mm round bar grille to a business in Islington, North London. It is secured with four 20mm pins which are hammered in to the reveal of the window in the four corners of the grille.

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