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New Year Resolutions – Improved Home Security?

Window security grill

As reported on the Crime Prevention Site recently, if you are unfortunate enough to be burgled then research suggests that you are very likely to be the victim of another burglary in the time period immediately following the original crime. The reasons for this can be wide and varied, however some possible explanations are as follows…

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Modern Security Grilles won`t harm the look of your home.

We all want our homes to look nice both for ourselves and our visitors however security is a far more important consideration than the aesthetics – does there have to be a compromise? The simple answer to that question is NO! Many members of the older generation will remember the ugly thick bars (or Burglar…

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Security Grilles vs Alarm.

The installation of Security Grilles in London is becoming an extremely popular and effective alternative to an audible alarm on business premises. While an audible alarm is an extremely effective deterrent for most thieves there are some highly skilled thieves operating in the London area that can and will manage to bypass alarms or, as…

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Collapsible Grilles – Muswell Hill, London N10

Alexandra Locksmiths were recently called to a property in Muswell Hill, London, N10 to fit some collapsible grilles to a kitchen window. Collapsible grilles are a great security option as you can have them closed when you are out to provide excellent security and then push them open when you are home and the collapse…

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Security Grilles foil burglars.

There are many reasons why criminals want to break into your house, drug habits, unemployment or simply because they have no respect for the law and think that they have the right to take what they want rather than actually paying for it. Professionally designed and fitted Security Grilles will prevent access to your home…

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Alexandra Locksmiths – Collapsible Security Grille, London

Alexandra Locksmiths have supplied and fitted a collapsible security grille for a company in Central London. Our clients had a lift which went from the buildings main reception and opened straight on to their office floor and wanted a grille that could be closed when their office was closed but could be opened when their…

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Security bar grilles and bar gates – Tottenham, North London N15

Tottenham High Road, London N15

Alexandra Locksmiths was called to a property in Tottenham, North London, N15 following a break in via their back door.  The customer wanted to get five fixed bar grilles and a bar gate fitted urgently he was going away in a week to get married! Fortunately we have a very good relationship with our grille manufacturers…

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What type of Security Grilles are correct for your business?

Choosing the right type of Security Grilles for your home or business is a decision that is best left to industry professionals with vast experience in the security industry but if you are considering installing Security Grilles the following advice will give you an insight into these products and their uses. \Security Grilles are used…

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Is money the only security concern?

There are many concerns that come with owning a home or running a business, security is obviously very high up on most sensible peoples list. Unsurprisingly money is not the main driving force behind these concerns when it comes to the home; after all if someone broke into your home while you and your family…

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Window and Security Grilles – not ugly anymore!

The thought, for some people, of Window Grilles or Security Grilles still conjures up images of ugly rusty iron frames covering windows on dilapidated buildings in run down areas of the country. With the amount of information that we can find on the internet these days the fact that this stigma even exists, even though…

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