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What locks should I have on my PVC front door?

At Alexandra Locksmiths we are often asked “What locks should I have on my PVC front door?”.  Most PVC doors are fitted with a multi-point locking system. This is a lock that when you lift the handles up, throws locking devices from the lock mechanism in the door into strike plates situated on the frame. It is […]

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Pvc locks, mechanisms and cylinders

PVCU Door & Window Locks, Handles & Cylinders At Alexandra Locksmiths we supply and install most types and makes of PVCU door locks and mechanisms on the market today. As with most of the work we undertake, we don’t charge by the hour we have a set price. Alexandra locksmiths provide an emergency door opening […]

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Am I insured…?

Are you insured? Did you know that if you don’t have the correct locks on your windows and doors you are not insured? Even if you get broken into via a window which has a lock or if you don’t have the correct lock on your front door your not insured. Also if you didn’t […]

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