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Vigilant Locksmith Thwarts Burglar

Last week, a locksmith in Arlingon, Virginia (US) was called out by a man who was, he said, locked out of his house. His keys and ID were locked inside the house. After gaining entry to the property, the locksmith waited while the man went to get his ID – except he didn’t know where…

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Firefighters in London used as locksmiths

London’s firefighers are being called out almost once an hour to help and rescue people who have locked themselves in or out of a vehicle or building. The LFB (London Fire Bridgade) said that over the last three years they had been called out almost 22,000 times for incidents regarding people being locked in or…

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Cambodian Locksmith Receives An Unusual Call Out

A father is being hunted by Cambodian police after he chained his teenage son by the neck to an electricity pole. The crazed father decided to enforce this extreme punishment after his 13 year old son had skipped school to play online computer games. After a two hour ordeal of awkwardness and embarrassment the boy…

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What Is A Rim Lock?

A rim lock or night-latch, is a lock which is attached to the surface of the door, and is normally fitted at shoulder height as this is the most convenient height for reaching out and turning, twisting or pulling the handle, lever or knob to open the door from the inside and inserting the key…

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What is a 5 Lever British Standard Mortice Deadlock

The 5 lever lock mortice deadlock is a type of lock often required for home insurance and are generally recommended by the police for home security. It should be fitted to the lower side of the door to give you the most resistance against forced attack, ie someone kicking the door. There are various grades…

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How Important Is Your Home To You?

Securing your home

With so much to lose from a burglary, from contentment to irreplaceable belongings to quality of life, not protecting your home is just not a sensible option. Act Now or Face the Consequences Being the victim of a home burglary is actually fairly unlikely but securing your home is not about playing the odds, it…

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Thief Spared Jail After 83rd Burglary

A thief who has committed more than 80 burglaries has been spared jail after he wrote an “unusually frank” letter to the judge hearing his case. But he has been warned that if he spurns the chance the judge has given him to turn his life around he will “pay a heavy price”. Southcote man…

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When to Call a Locksmith?

There are many reasons to call a locksmith; the most common is probably if you lock yourself out of a car or house. But why else should you need to call a locksmith? 1. If you have moved into a new home, it might not be a bad idea to consider getting the locks changed.…

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