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What locks should I have on my wooden back door?

Different insurance companies have different requirements regarding back doors. Some ask just for a 5 lever British Standard BS3621 mortice lock, either a sashlock or a deadlock. A sashlock is a lock which has a latch as well as a bolt and works with a pair of handles and a key from both sides. A deadlock is just a bolt and is key operated from both sides. Other insurance companies require you to have key operated bolts at the top and bottom of the door as well as any lock, 2 or 3 lever deadlock or sashlock normally in the middle of the door. Lastly your insurance company may require you to have both a 5 lever British Standard BS3621 mortice lock and key operated bolts.

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What locks should I have on my PVC front door?

Most PVC doors are fitted with a multi-point locking system. This is a lock that when you lift the handles up, throws locking devices from the lock mechanism in the door into strike plates situated on the frame. You also need to turn the key in the cylinder to fully lock the door which also prevents the handles from moving and unlocking the lock.

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What locks should I have on my wooden front door?

Traditionally on a wooden front door you would have a rim lock/ Nightlatch, often referred to as a Yale lock, which is normally fitted around shoulder height for convenience opening the door and latches shut when you close the door. You should also have a 5 lever British Standard BS3621 mortice deadlock, often referred of as a Chubb lock, ideally fitted on the lower third of the door. You need a 5 lever British Standard BS3621 deadlock for your own safety and to comply with your contents insurance policy.

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How much is it to change my front door locks?

The cost to change your front door locks depends on what locks you currently have in your door as there are several manufacturers of locks with each making a number of different locks. Some manufacturers make it so that once you have there brand of lock in your door you have no choice but to swap the lock for a like for like replacement but for some you can just change the cylinder/barrel, the outside part of the lock, to give you new keys. Likewise with certain deadlocks, not all deadlocks,  you can change the internal components of the lock to give you new keys, keeping the body of the lock.

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A nightlatch is a type of spring lock that can be opened from the inside by turning a knob, but when opened from the outside it can only be opened using a key. Here is buy levaquin online uk a list of some of the night latches that Alexandra Locksmith supply. ERA BS3621 High Security […]

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