Pvc locks, mechanisms and cylinders

PVCU Door & Window Locks, Handles & Cylinders At Alexandra Locksmiths we supply and install most types and makes of PVCU door locks and mechanisms on the market today. As with most of the work we undertake, we don’t charge by the hour we have a set price. Alexandra locksmiths provide an emergency door opening…


Kaba 1000 Series Mechanical Combination Lock

Kaba 1000 Series Mechanical Combination Lock The 1000 series lock provides fully mechanical pushbutton access control with no electrical wiring, electronics or batteries. Exterior access is by combination. Egress is by interior knob and is free at all times. The Kaba 1000 series, also known as Simplex and Unican 1000 series, locksets are the best…


Ingersoll SC71 Automatic Deadlocking Night Latch/Rim Lock Reviewed By Alexandra Locksmiths

Ingersoll SC71 Automatic Deadlocking Night Latch/Rim Lock The infamous Ingersoll SC71 Night Latch/Rim Lock has been in continuous production since the early 1970’s and still largely unchanged. The Ingersoll SC71 is an extremely high security lock which uses a 10 lever key system, making it one of the hardest locks to pick and drill open….


The brand Chubb is leaving us

Chubb Why the change is happening. When the acquisition of Yale Intruder Group from William Holdings was structured in 2000, this was part of a large,global deal with many facets and elements. As with any large ,complex negotiation there had to be ‘give and take’ to facilitate closure of the deal. One of those…