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Alexandra Locksmiths

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Policing Changes Needed To Deal With Internet Crimes

Alexandra Locksmiths, London - Reports on internet security. have recently reported on the lack of policing available, to deal with crimes being committed in cyber space. During a speech delivered at an organisation of business membership ‘London First‘, the Police Commissioner of London Mr Adrian Leppard stated … “The issue of policing in the digital age will reach a watershed of fundamentally restructuring…

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More Facebook Security Concerns

The social networking giant has introduced a new way of securing your identity online with a social authentication feature, but will it catch on? More than half of us are on Facebook. It’s official. Your mum’s on it, your Grandad’s on it, even your dog’s got a profile up there. Facebook last week announced that…

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Regulators probe Facebook’s facial recognition

A number of European privacy regulators are investigating Facebook’s facial recognition feature amid mounting concern about the technology, which attempts to identify people in photos uploaded to the website. The social networking site has come under fire from the German, UK and Irish authorities for introducing the feature without permission from users. “Again Facebook has…

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