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Insurance Protection With 5 Lever Mortice Deadlock.

It is an unfortunately well-known fact within our industry that the vast majority of home owners do not actually have any idea of the precise type of locks that are fitted to their doors and windows. The ownership of a locking device that insurance companies deem to be insufficient and bellow the required standard to…

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What Is A Rim Lock?

A rim lock or night-latch, is a lock which is attached to the surface of the door, and is normally fitted at shoulder height as this is the most convenient height for reaching out and turning, twisting or pulling the handle, lever or knob to open the door from the inside and inserting the key…

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What is a 5 Lever British Standard Mortice Deadlock

The 5 lever lock mortice deadlock is a type of lock often required for home insurance and are generally recommended by the police for home security. It should be fitted to the lower side of the door to give you the most resistance against forced attack, ie someone kicking the door. There are various grades…

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How Secure Is Your Home?

Burglar breaking in

How Secure Is Your Home? Statistics show that 2/3rds of burgalars gain entry or remove goods via the doors. So it is important to ensure that the highest quality door locks that you can afford, protect your home. Burglars look for the easiest target and they can be discouraged, when they find they are up…

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