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Bogus Caller in Crouch End and Muswell Hill

Alexandra Locksmiths - Advice about Bogus Callers

Late last year Alexandra Locksmiths blogged about a pensioner in Wood Green becoming the victim of robbery following a bogus caller visiting his home. You can read the full article here. Yesterday ‘This is Local London‘ reported  that another bogus caller had been sighted in the areas of Muswell Hill, Hornsey and Crouch End. The female is…

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80% of Crimes Unsolved in Haringey since 2010

The Tottenham & Wood Green Independent newspaper reported recently on an investigation that they had undertaken regarding crimes in Haringey. Their findings were that crimes in the area yet to be solved total 80 per cent! The publication opened a ‘Freedom of Information’ request and deduced that Haringey Police force have filed ‘undetected’ as the…

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Potential Internet Security Threat with your Home Gadgets

Internet linked device manager - Alexandra Locksmiths, London

Infoworld and TechHive have recently reported on the potential security risks of ‘smart’ homes. Homes that have many electrical remote control devices such as automatic light switches, door openers, software to restock your fridge, music playing devices etc all rely on an internet connection to manage these tasks. As well as a complicated internal wiring circuit. Other…

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Police Warn of Bogus Callers in Wood Green

Alexandra Locksmiths security door furniture

The Tottenham and Wood Green Independent recently reported that a pensioner in Wood Green had been the victim of a robbery after men posing as Water Board officials managed to enter his property. Whilst distracting him by requesting that he turn the bathroom taps on, the bogus callers proceeded to steal money from the man’s…

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Keeping Your Home Secure in Winter

As we head into the colder months, Chief Supt Dave Stringer, Tower Hamlets Borough Commander, has recently published some tips on keeping your home secure. Writing in the Tower Hamlets and Docklands Advertiser last week, he lists three things that make homes vulnerable to burglary: UPVC doors not locked with a key homes left in…

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Ten Key Facts From Government Crime Review

A high powered team of Government officials spent eight months reviewing how crime affects communities in Britain. Click on the link below to read more. Alexandra Locksmiths fit locks, grilles, intercom systems, safes and all other security devices and we cover North London, East London, West London and Central London. Alexandra Locksmiths proud to…

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Ban on cold callers in bid to prevent distraction burglaries

COLD callers have been banned from four roads in Yate in a bid to stamp out distraction burglaries. Sunningdale, Sandy Lodge, Troon and Hoylake have become ‘no cold calling zones’ under an initiative led by South Gloucestershire Council’s Trading Standards team. Click on the link below to read more. Let’s hope it works and…

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Is Facebook really facing up to cyber crime?

The social networking giant has introduced a new way of securing your identity online with a social authentication feature, but will it catch on? Click on the link below to read more Alexandra Locksmiths fit locks, grilles, intercom systems, safes and all other security devices and we cover North London, East London, West London…

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See Where The Crime Is Happening In Your Area With The New Government Crime Map

The Government has launched a new crime-mapping website for England and Wales, attracting between 4 – 5 million hits every hour. The street-by-street guides tell users where crimes have been committed near their home within the last month – including burglary, anti-social behaviour and violent crime. The Home Secretary Theresa May has welcomed the publication…

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Online Stalking Beware

Facebook and Twitter Signs

Being burgled is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. But sometimes we do not help ourselves, a survey of ex-cons has found. Insurance firm More Than quizzed 50 former thieves about their tricks of the trade. One reformed burglar tells how thieves even use Twitter and Facebook to plan break-ins. In the old days, burglars would pay a…

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