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Four Out Of Five Burglaries Go Unsolved

New Scotland Yard, Metropolitan Police Headquarters, London

A recent report in the Telegraph, has highlighted the fact that newly published statistics have shown as many as four out of five burglaries go unsolved. The data has in turn initiated fresh debate, on exactly how police forces respond to the crime of burglary. Last month, the Home Office published the figures and subsequent analysis…

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Police Appeal Following Violent Attack During Burglary

An item of jewellery stolen in the violent robbery in North London on 18/06/15 | Alexandra Locksmiths

The Evening Standard have recently reported on a violent burglary that occurred in North London. During the crime, two women were badly beaten by two assailants that had forced their way in to the home situated on a road off Meadway, close to Hampstead golf course. The attack happened on 18th June 2015. At 09:30am Mrs…

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Arrests Made Over Hatton Garden Heist

Alexandra Locksmiths - Security advice for the London area

The Guardian and the online publication London24 recently reported on the arrests of men in connection with the Hatton Garden Heist. The crime took place over the Easter weekend earlier this year. Reportedly, £60 million of diamonds were stolen along with many other items of high value. The hoard had been taken from security deposit boxes within…

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80% of Crimes Unsolved in Haringey since 2010

The Tottenham & Wood Green Independent newspaper reported recently on an investigation that they had undertaken regarding crimes in Haringey. Their findings were that crimes in the area yet to be solved total 80 per cent! The publication opened a ‘Freedom of Information’ request and deduced that Haringey Police force have filed ‘undetected’ as the…

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CCTV Helps Capture Burglars in London

Alexandra Locksmiths - London

London24 have reported earlier today about the Draughts cafe in Haggerston’s Acton Mews, the first board game cafe in London. The Hackney Cafe was closed for Easter but sadly, during the Easter break, the premises had been targeted by burglars. The culprits committed the crime on Bank Holiday Monday. Fortunately for the business, the CCTV system that had…

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New Year Resolutions – Improved Home Security?

Window security grill

As reported on the Crime Prevention Site recently, if you are unfortunate enough to be burgled then research suggests that you are very likely to be the victim of another burglary in the time period immediately following the original crime. The reasons for this can be wide and varied, however some possible explanations are as follows…

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Enfield Burglar Jailed – Check Your Window Security

Alexandra Locksmiths would like to highlight the importance of home security, in particular the security of your windows, following a report in the Haringey Independent last week. Wayne During of Tottenham appeared in Wood Green Crown Court earlier this month facing charges for a burglary he committed in the Enfield area on 21st February this…

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Top hiding place for valuables is the sock drawer!

Keys and cash hidden in a sock drawer

According to research of 2,000 individuals carried out last year by, the nation’s favourite hiding place for valuables, particularly jewellery, is the sock drawer. This is followed by 9% stating that under the bed was the safe place of choice, 9% on top of the wardrobe and 6% under the sink. Most worryingly a…

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Burglars and Home Security Scams

We recently wrote about a possible scam involving locksmith stickers which had been linked to a burglary in the Wandsworth area of London. These small stickers are used by many locksmiths as a legitimate marketing tool, but the suspect stickers had raised alarm because they featured a non-working phone number. However, it seems that only…

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Rise in London Burglaries and Robberies Tackled with Police Raids

Over the past year, the Met police say that domestic burglaries have risen by 14% in London and robberies have risen by 11% on last year’s figures. Forty eight people have been arrested across London in a series of raids to target the rise in robberies and burglaries in the city. The operation, named ‘Operation…

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