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Banham Lock – East London E1

Alexandra Locksmiths were called to a property in East London, E1 to fit a Banham Lock. Our customer was concerned that her existing lock was not secure enough and asked for some advice on which would be a good secure lock. She wanted a lock that was not only very secure but that also looked…

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Burglars Using Social Media Websites To Target Victims

  A recent survey suggests that the majority of burglars are using social media websites to help them target their victims. Over 75% of convicted burglars questioned said sites like Google street view play a massive part in them planning their entrance and escape routes, while Facebook and Twitter – where users ‘check in’ to…

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Summer Burglaries on the rise in North London

  Summer is finally here, well for this week anyway and with the warm weather there is a greater tendency to keep windows and doors open all day and also during the night to aid a better nights sleep. Summer burglaries are on the rise and seasoned burglars are always on the lookout for an…

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Householders urged to plan home security into holiday arrangements

Holiday season is kicking in again and people throughout the country are leaving the English summer rain and their homes behind as they seek a sun filled holiday. Holiday season is notorious for an increase in burglaries as have-a-go lucky burglars look to cash in on homeowners who leave there homes unoccupied whilst away. Because…

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Police advice on home security this summer

After a long month or two of rainy weather conditions, it looks like the summer is finally here and with the warm weather there is a greater tendency to keep windows and doors open to improve ventilation and keep cool. Seasoned burglars are always on the lookout for an easy opportunity to gain entrance to…

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Garden time

So the weather has finally changed and we are all enjoying some well deserved sunshine and some relaxing time in our gardens. This is a good time to remember that our front and rear gardens are a good access point to burglars. It is important to know that burglars are usually opportunists and often lazy…

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Rogue Locksmith To Pay Back £700,000

Mark Makowski, a rouge locksmith, has been ordered to pay back £7000,000 after a investigation lasting five years into his criminal operation in London and surrounding counties. Mark Makowski, the former director of Pronto Locksmiths and Phoenix Locksmiths which had a locksmith shop in Potters Bar, was convicted at the Old Bailey last year of…

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British Gas breaks into home and changes the locks!

One of the most bizarre home break ins we’ve heard about recently goes to Carol Driver, after her home was broken into by British Gas! In what seems to be a new low for customer service, British Gas broke into Carol’s home, replaced her gas meter with a pay as you go machine and then…

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Simon Cowell to increase home security

Max Clifford has told the press that Simon Cowell is so shaken by a break in that occurred on Saturday night that he has decided to strengthen the security at his home in Holland Park, London. Cowell, who already has a security team looking after his London property that has high walls and security gates,…

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