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How can I tell if I have the right locks for my insurance policy?

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Different insurance companies ask for different locks on your doors and windows so you need to clarify with them what they want you to have as they are insuring you. Insurance companies will call your front door your final exit door and this can be a wooden door, PVCU door, Aluminium door or composite door.
For a wooden front door, most insurance companies ask for you to have a 5 lever British Standard deadlock conforming to BS3621, everyone refers to this lock as a Chubb lock but Chubb is a named brand, and this lock needs to be locked at all times when the property is empty.
For a PVCU front door and a composite front door you will normally have to lift the handles up and turn the key to fully lock the door. This type of lock is referred by insurance companies as a multi-point locking system. This means it locks in more than one place. Remember you must lift the handles up and turn the key so the handles will not come down to fully lock this type of door.
Aluminium front doors are a very old type of door and are sometimes fitted with a similar type of lock as a PVCU and composite door, a multi-point locking system but some aluminium doors do not have the required lock fitted and need a 5 lever BS3621 British standard deadlock fitted.

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