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N11 – Locksmith New Southgate

Alexandra Locksmiths have fitted a 5 lever insurance approved BS3621 deadlock to a flat door in New Southgate, North London N11.

Locksmith New Southgate - Map

Have you seen this before? Often when cutting into the door you find the middle of the door has compressed wood chips which have been treated to give the door it’s fire resistance qualities but this also weakens the door considerably. Apart from replacing the door the only other option is to fit a lock guard/ lock re-enforcer to strengthen the surrounding area in the door. Lock guards/re-enforceres come in brass, satin chrome and polished chrome.

Alexandra Locksmiths also provide locksmith and security services, security gates and grilles, intercom systems and safes.  We cover London and the surrounding areas.

For a free no obligation survey call Alexandra Locksmiths on 020 8883 1555 or 020 8364 2000

Internal door shotlock guard/ lock re-enforcer

For a free no obligation survey call us on 020 8883 1555 or 020 8364 2000

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